began researching Nepal’s MAPs in regions such as Surkhet, Nepalgunj, Mustang, Myagdi, Mugu, Birgunj, and others to provide consumers with the best of nature in the form of innovative and effective products.

Hervada Roadmap of Success

Hervada’s team conducted sufficient national and international market research in order to define their niche, design company development, branding, and marketing strategies to appeal to their target market, and set timetables for short and long-term growth.

It was due to astute planning that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, they rapidly adapted and developed as a company. Their early foundation has paid off in the past two years. They believe in DOING, LEARNING, AND ADAPTING as a continual process!

Getting Customers

Before putting their products on the market, they began talking about our brand values, strategy, and products via social media, news sources, and professional networks. The first 100 clients were generated naturally via family, friends, social media contact, and good word-of-mouth recommendations. What was more important was to retain those initial customers and they successfully did that. The majority of their first consumers served as unofficial brand ambassadors and have remained loyal to the brand to this day.

The Next Step

Herveda Botanicals plans to scale up to reach a larger customer base globally. To meet our goal, we are actively working on getting international certifications, FDA approvals in various countries, fine tuning our products and processes, and formulating new innovative products per consumer demand.

The Origin Story

Herveda Botanicals is an all-natural skincare company founded by Dr. Prativa Pandey after more than four years of research and development (R&D) on Nepalese medicinal and aromatic  plants (MAPs). She studied their associations with traditional and indigenous knowledge, and the skincare secrets embedded in alternative medicinal practices such as Ayurveda and Aamchi, which have been practised in the region for thousands of years.

The Problem Herveda Solves

Dr. Pandey found out the MAPs value chain had holes at many levels, including a lack of coordination between farmers and distributors/traders, 4-5 middlemen, unequal profit distribution, a poor value and supply chain, a lack of value addition, and so on.

There were also issues with the cosmetic and skincare industry, such as the use of dangerous chemicals, absence of regulatory requirements, creation of a distorted and unrealistic standards of beauty, a lack of business ethics and creativity, the export of herbal raw materials at a very low price, and a high reliance on skincare imports.

The Solution

The founder recognized a lot of untapped wealth creation potential in research and product development. As a result, she