Doctors on Call Nepal (DOC), established on January 1st, 2018, is a door-to-door home health service for elderly, chronically ill, and palliaGve patients impotent to visit the hospital for general medical services. The co-founders Dr. Suman Neupane, Dr. Mohan Bhandari, and Dr. Suyesh Karki - established DOC intending to make healthcare accessible, affordable, and equitably available through providing home-based care services.


The pattern to work and settle abroad for a bright fumre is expanding among Nepalese youths. It makes their elder parents powerless at whatever point they need clinical facilities. 0n the other end, the fellow benefactors discovered an increase in chronic diseases and the weakness of elders to seek proper medical faciliGes, an absence of expert direction, costly diagnostic tests, and specially-abled patients experiencing issues looking for clinical assistance.


The group has consistently dealt with acquiring individuals' trust. To accomplish their objective, they have been making mindfulness crusades against social restrictions via web-based media. In addition, they have been providing counseling sessions, customer-supported plans of care according to the needs and necessities of their customers.

Dr. Karki further expressed that their core team were beginners when it came to operating an actual business. It was unsafe for them to begin with limited specialized information and with next to zero administraGve abiliGes. The team later had to learn the hard way of managing the geneml business activities.

At the initial stage, they started 30 different services - making it difficult to focus on their core services. Presently, they are more client-driven and have four highly focused services.


The vision of including a positive effect on society started when the DOC group acquainted an advanced methodology with care. Moreover, it is an easy way towards health to your doorstep; a usual range of familiarity for you and your loved ones with just a phone call or a message away.

They are actively engaged in voluntary services to most of the events where the medical team is required; Flood Victims, Fire Victims, Covid Awareness Programs, Sports tournaments, etc. They provide professional nursing care, offer affordable at-home diagnostic tests and general treatment to needed people.


Beginning with five individuals in 2017, the DOC group has developed into an organization with around 100 HR clinical and non-clinical experts who are goal-oriented. Until now, they have successfully given medical care offices to over 10,000 patients.

They accept that getting acknowledgment from the public authorities and concerned establishments in itself is a well-defined achievement. On a similar end, their arrangement to make DOC a commonly recognized name is a triumph itself.

For the group of DOC, they vision themselves to give hassle-free and reasonable home medical care offices and be an easily recognized name for Wellbeing Home Administrations. They anticipate conveying telehealth administrations to individuals all over Nepal. In this way, Doctors On Call Nepal is working towards being a more brilliant answer for your equivalent issues.